The Team

Everyone at Home in Montreal comes from a different part of the world. We are very proud of this fact as it represents perfectly what Montreal is all about: diversity and culture ! Each of us chose Montreal as our home base because we fell in love with the city.

The founders:

Joanna from Belgium and Pascal from Quebec met in Mexico on a one year backpacking trip around the world. 15 years later, here they are with a few buildings in Montreal and 2 kids! Joanna, a true entrepreneur, is passionate about 2 things: offering an authentic travel experience to Home in Montreal clients, and alternative education (she is a parent and involved board member of École Imagine, a Waldorf school).

The staff:

Jeanne from France has always had a passion for travels as well as people; she was the proud owner of a restaurant here in Montreal for five years before transitioning to the hospitality industry in 2014, and she hasn’t looked back since !

Joel from Haïti is a musician at heart who still performs and tours with various artists. Having travelled around the world for work, he has developed a strong experience with client relations and used this to establish himself in the hospitality industry in his favourite city, Montreal !

The cleaning teams and handymen were carefully chosen to represent Home in Montreal. They are dedicated to provide clean and well-maintained apartments by keeping the customer’s experience at heart.